What’s To See

Tours & Activities in Strahan

Strahan, Tasmania is a picturesque, Tasmanian waterfront village located on the Macquarie Harbour, on Tasmania’s West Coast.  It is the gateway to a spectacular World Heritage wilderness nature as well as abundant historical features from our pioneering days.

Macquarie Harbour is one of Australia’s great harbours with more than 110 square miles, approx. 6 times larger than Sydney Harbour.  This natural, protected waterway is fed by the mighty Gordon River and opens to the wild southern ocean through the narrow and turbulent Hells Gates

The West Coast Area

Just an hour from Strahan, at Rosebery, is the spectacular falls.  At 104 metres  it is one of Tasmania’s highest waterfalls, and just as amazing is the 3 hour easy return walk through rainforest to get there.  There is a viewing platform at the base of the falls and a swing bridge spanning the gorge, which links this track with 4 WD access to Melba Flats

Nelson Falls is located on the Lyell Highway, 23 kms from Queenstown. The 20 minute walk to the falls takes you through cool temperate rainforest

In the Main Street of Zeehan, just 30 minute drive from Strahan. Includes a world class crystal and mineral collection.